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Testimonials Melissa
I started going to Rising Phoenix when I was having severe back pain. I had tried medications and chiropractic care for weeks with no relief in sight. I was impressed with how professionally they approached their business, doing a complete health questionnaire before beginning. Within a couple of visits I found relief and it only continued to get better with each treatment until I was mainly pain free. We mainly focused on Qi Gong and also did some acupuncture. We have also done work on other areas, such as BiPolar Disorder and allergies, and I have had great improvement in both areas. We had to go back and do work on my back when it was re-injured, but it seems to respond even more quickly now. I believe this has been a blessing in my life and the skill in their practice was evident from the first visit. Andrea
After the birth of my daughter (now age 8), I began to explore natural medicine after multiple Western doctors failed to provide answers to medical issues that we were both facing. I was sick of being humiliated and embarrassed by unprofessional behavior and doctors ‘giving up” on my medical issues because they didn’t seem important or easy to solve. Immediately, we received solutions with alternative natural practitioners. However the results soon became sporadic and treatment was extremely expensive. I knew that alternative medicine made sense but it was clear to me that not all alternative practitioners were created equally. After five years and nine alternative practitioners, I was referred to Rising Phoenix. Prior to going to Rising Phoenix, I had reached the point that I was not sure I would be able to lead a “normal life" again. I was totally exhausted all the time, I was in pain, and I would drag myself through daily obligations, parenting and work. I was sick frequently. My husband was frustrated and very worried. There were no answers in Western Medicine that I had been able to find and after many years and lots of money, no alternative doctors had offered any solutions. My progress at Rising Phoenix has been gradual and steady, and I am now doing much better. I am not exhausted and I can function normally and have learned to regulate my energy levels to keep myself from getting sick (most of the time!) I am not there yet but I know in my heart that I am going in the right direction! The treatment at Rising Phoenix is truly exceptional. They are patient, respectful, calming and especially good with children. They are sensitive to the needs of patients in ways words can’t explain. And most importantly, our family has seen steady results for every issue we have treated! I don’t leave Rising Phoenix feeling that I have been taken advantage of after paying exorbitant prices. Generally I leave feeling like I should pay more. Myself, our children, and my husband have all received treatment at Rising Phoenix. We are all physically healthier than ever before. Our family is also emotionally stronger, closer and more productive than in the past. My marriage is stronger and my husband and I feel that our parenting has improved as well. We have been guided though many illnesses and many developmental phases that looked like illnesses. I would whole heartily recommend Rising Phoenix for treating any illness no matter how small or large. Alycia
The difference in our family over the last two years is nothing short of remarkable. My older son came to Rising Phoenix taking 8 different prescription medications and having some attention and behavior issues in school. He suffered from such terrible asthma and was at the doctor’s office or emergency room constantly. He was frequently on antibiotics and was given steroid shots to help his breathing. I’m happy to say that due largely to Chinese medicine, He only takes one prescription these days and I suspect that we will eliminate that in the near future. He has not had steroids or antibiotics in 2 ½ years. He just brought home straight A’s in school and receives very good marks for behavior. His teachers no longer have any need to talk to me about how he behaves in school; in fact, they frequently complement him. My younger son, while he didn’t have the medical issues, had a lot of anger and some temper and behavioral problems. He recently brought home straight A’s as well – and has developed so much control over his behavior. I appreciate all that Rising Phoenix does for us on a weekly basis. Having someone available to talk to about the children and what they are going through has been invaluable. It is so good to have a sounding board and insight into where they are and what they are going through. As a family, we are less stressed and much happier despite having faced some difficult situations in the past year. I can’t overstate the difference coming to Rising Phoenix made in our lives.
Thank you again. Lara
I brought my four-year-old son to Rising Phoenix with a strong conviction that prescription medication is overly prescribed and over used in this country. My son had been recently diagnosed with chronic sinus infections and asthma. We found that the antibiotics were not only ineffective but were also altering his mood and behavior. I knew there had to be a better way. He connected with being at Rising Phoenix right away and we all felt comfortable there as a family. His improvement was almost immediate. He had longer spans in between colds and we stopped needing appointments with our Pediatrician and Specialist. Little did I know that Chinese Medicine was going to help Logan with his developmental issues as well. Prior to Rising Phoenix, we were hearing words like “Autism” and “Sensory Integration Dysfunction”. He was having tantrums, communications problems and did not have appropriate play skills. He had attended two years of special education classes and Kindergarten was in question. One year later, Logan is in a regular education Kindergarten class and has developed quite an imagination with wonderful play skills. We went to Rising Phoenix for my son, but now all four members of our family have received treatment. My husband has been cured of his Tendonitis and I no longer live with chronic Gastritis and gall bladder pain. My respiratory allergies are better and I now have an effective and non-drowsy herbal alternative to antihistamines if I need one. We have also had great success with herbal and magnet treatments at home. I personally have greatly improved in slowing down and listening to my body. We never feel rushed at Rising Phoenix and always leave calmer and happier. We have learned that the parent/child connection is very real and that the choices we make with our health and schedule affect the whole family. As a result, Chinese Medicine is becoming more than an alternative health care source for us, it’s helping us learn how to better manage our lives. Nancy
After a long flight and car trip I began experiencing pain that would concentrate in my backside and travel down my right thigh. My physician had diagnosed me with piriformis muscle syndrome in the past and I had stretching exercises which would alleviate the pain. Not this time! The pain continued to intensify so I returned and he prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, stronger than anything available over the counter. That did nothing to help so after one week he sent me to a physical therapist. They tried electrical stimulation & hot packs and some exercise and manipulation. After four weeks I was not any better and in fact the pain got so bad I was in tears. She suggested that I return to my doctor and get an MRI. It took a week to get the MRI & in the meantime he prescribed hydrocodone for the pain. Sitting in the car was excruciating and I had to take a week off from work. Lying in bed was uncomfortable as well, nothing seemed to help but I found the heating pad alleviated it somewhat. Finally I had the MRI and I urged them to expedite the reading process, every step seemed to take so long. I had to wait through the weekend and finally the next week they told me that I had a herniated L5-S1 disk that was creating pressure on the sciatic nerve. The MRI also said that I had stenosis. My doctor was on vacation and the physician's assistant told me to take the MRI to a surgeon in the Bayfront Medical complex who specialized in back surgery. She said she had the same surgery when she was much younger and it had dramatically improved. I was in shock! I had gone from physical therapy to surgery in one leap. The pain was still incredibly debilitating and it was not only affecting my life it was impacting my entire family. I could not fulfill any of my roles as mother, wife or educator. After a couple of days and lots of talking with friends and family I decided to explore other options. I made an appointment at Rising Phoenix and that morning I decided not to take the hydrocodone. At my consultation, we talked about my situation and I decided to have Chinese Medical treatment. During the treatment I could feel my lower back begin to relax - there was a real release. The treatment was very relaxing and I even dozed off. I have never gone back on the hydrocodone since!