Welcome About Chinese Medicine Testimonials Healthy Lifestyle Contact and Location Eating healthy foods can be a simple and affordable way to support your good health. Healthy foods do not need to be exotic or expensive; most grocery stores have an ample supply of healthy foods right in your neighborhood. So, what makes healthy food healthy? Healthy Food
Food is healthiest in it’s fully developed natural form. The farther food moves from it’s natural form, the less nutritional value it has. As an example: fresh ripe corn is healthier than frozen corn, frozen corn is healthier than canned corn; cornmeal is still farther removed from natural corn, and corn flakes are even farther removed. In each step of the example, corn moves farther and farther away from it’s natural form due to processing and the addition of other ingredients. Eating more natural foods is a great way to bring healthy eating into our lives. Simple food preparation tip to maintain foods natural vitality: steaming, stir frying, and broiling maintain much of foods natural vitality which gives you even more benefit from the foods you eat. Eating to Improve our Health
Here are some tips on eating to improve our health - try the ones you like and don't worry about the rest: Eat three meals a day. Skipping meals makes life pretty challenging for our metabolism, immune system and general energy levels. Our bodies do best with regular and consistent meals each day.

Chew food well. The more we chew our food, the easier it is for our bodies to convert food into usable energy. This strengthens the metabolism and makes the entire digestive and elimination system work better.

Eat in moderation. When we are eating, there is a time delay of several minutes between when we become full and when we feel full. Allow yourself time to realize how full you actually are when eating. Eating beyond 75% of our capacity causes the digestive process to become over burdened and leads to a variety of digestion and elimination problems.

Don't eat close to bed time. When we eat, our bodies must ramp-up the digestive process which causes our energies to move faster and also create internal heat. This situation makes sleeping difficult because sleep requires a quiet internal environment to be effective. Eating close to bedtime can result in vivid dreams, poor quality sleep and fatigue.

Avoid greasy, fatty and sticky foods when possible. These foods are difficult for our bodies to process. The result is that these foods are not properly transformed during digestion which impedes blood and energy circulation throughout the body. 

Avoid very cold foods when possible. Very cold foods cause our bodies to work extra hard because digestion requires a warm internal environment to function. Since our bodies must first use energy to heat up very cold foods, and then use more energy to transform them into usable energy, this process requires an excessive amount of energy. Using extra energy causes the metabolism and immune system to weaken over time and causes our general energy levels to drop.

Be flexible. Whatever choices you make about your eating habits, allow yourself the flexibility to adapt to your life. Special events and life circumstances may arise that cause you to temporarily change your eating habits. Give yourself the freedom to adapt to these circumstances and enjoy them. When the special circumstances pass you can return to your regular eating habits. Healthy Eating