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Ancient Chinese Medicine has been helping people improve their physical and internal health for thousands of years.  The fundamental aspects of the human body and Ancient Chinese Medicine have not changed over the centuries, but our lifestyles and societies have.  In response to the ever-changing  nature of society, Ancient Chinese Medicine has continuously transformed over the millennia to meet the specific needs of each new generation.  The result is that Ancient Chinese Medicine has over 50 centuries of medical experience yet still remains fresh, vibrant and relevant each and every day.


Ancient Chinese Medicine uses a comprehensive approach to treatment that is based upon your specific needs.  Evaluation and treatment are built upon a relationship of mutual trust and respect.  Your goals, history and personal situation are the guiding factors of your treatment.  Because of this unique approach and the specific nature of the treatment, Ancient Chinese Medicine has excellent therapeutic results without negative side-effects.


Your evaluation includes a medical history, discussion of your situation and goals, and an evaluation of your pulses.  Depending upon your personal situation and interest, your treatment may include any combination of Acupuncture, Medical Qi Gong or Custom Chinese Medical Herbology.


Ancient Chinese Medicine is also very effective for  children

Young children do not require acupuncture and are treated with Medical Qi Gong, Acumagnets, or Herbs.  You are directly involved in your childs treatment, and your observations and awareness of your child are an important part of the treatment process.  You will also have the option of using a customized acupressure or acumagnet treatment with your child at home.

Ancient Chinese Medicine Acupuncture
Acupuncture uses very thin needles that are gently inserted into acupuncture points on the surface of the body. Acupuncture treatments are very relaxing and patients often fall asleep during the treatment and awake relaxed and refreshed. Acupuncture points have specific functions that relate to the body’s musculoskeletal structure as well as the body’s internal function. An acupuncture point prescription is created for each treatment depending on the person’s general health needs and their specific situation that day. Acupuncture is used for a vast array of situations ranging from physical pain and disfunction to a wide variety of internal conditions. Acupuncture is safely and effectively used for all of the conditions listed on the welcome page. Medical Qi Gong
Qi Gong (pronounced chee gong) is a branch of Ancient Chinese Medicine that improves health and wellbeing by gently circulating and transforming the body’s internal energies. This is achieved by allowing the body and mind to enter a quiet meditative state through gentle movements, standing, or sitting. The two fundamental types of Qi Gong are Personal Qi Gong and Medical Qi Gong. Personal Qi Gong Personal Qi Gong is practiced at home for self-treatment. As you become more quiet, consistent and relaxed practicing at home, you receive progressively greater health benefits. The personal Qi Gong practices taught to patients at Rising Phoenix focus on internal health and wellbeing, and are individually matched to each person’s needs. Medical Qi Gong Medical Qi Gong is a form of treatment used in the clinic. Medical Qi Gong treatments assist your body’s natural ability to reach a quiet and relaxed meditative state. This process supports your body in transforming and refining your internal energies and also improves the benefit you receive from your Personal Qi Gong practices at home. Medical Qi Gong is used for the same conditions as acupuncture listed on the welcome page. Custom Chinese Medical Herbology
Custom Chinese Medical Herbology begins with a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s specific needs. A custom herb formula is then created to support these needs using specific herbs and dosages. Custom Chinese Medical Herbology at Rising Phoenix provides excellent results without negative side-effects because of the specific application to each patient and the balanced nature of the custom formulas. Custom Chinese Medical Herbology can be used as an independent treatment or in combination with other forms of Ancient Chinese Medicine. Most commonly, patients receive acupuncture or Medical Qi Gong treatment in the clinic and also take their custom herb formula each day at home. Since the custom herb formulas and treatments at the clinic are designed to work together, they are very effective when used in combination.